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Video Release October 11 th

“We’ve had enough!”

About An Author have had enough. Enough of their hiatus. Six years have gone by since the Augsburg-based Metal-Hardcore hybrid released their most recent album called Where The Wild Things Aren’t. It’s about time for some new music.
However, it would be unfair to say About An Author have been inactive over the last couple of years. Having released their album in 2014, the band went out on tour, playing shows not only in their native Germany, but also in Switzerland, the UK, Sweden, and Denmark. On those tours, the band laid the foundation of their reputation as a great live band, bringing together their most unique mix of Hardcore elements, complex beats, catchy melodies and influences from classical music and film scores and turning
all of that into the utmost energetic live performance. Now, About An Author enter the next chapter of their career. They kick off this new era with the release of their single Skin & Bones, which was released October 9th, 2020. On this song, AAA combine catchy hooklines with a complex song structure while at the same time bringing their overall sound to the next level. Skin & Bones really is the starting point of a new era: Never before have AAA sounded so catchy yet radical, never before have they brought together musical accessibility and complexity in a more sophisticated way.
Skin & Bones is just the first single in a series of new songs the band will be releasing over the next few months. Come along for the ride and watch this band develop their unique sound even further with every release.

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