Skin & Bones

My home is fire and flames, who set it on fire?
If  I only knew the names, nothing left to admire
Sticks and stones, no more left of a liar
Skin and bones, forgotten in fire

My eyes, start turning red
nothing to wait for
I‘ll keep my promise just wait

I got no control
Maybe I lost and sold my soul
Dont feel
Dont feel my heart and wont let go

Useless to think that i‘m safe where i stand
Look forward i see me bold
not looking back
Look back, look back

I‘m not looking back
I‘m safe
With open eyes

Take me to a place where you and I belong
That feels like home

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Skin & Bones Single

Release Date : 9. October 2020
Artist : About An Author
Format : Digital Download

Skin & Bones is the first new About An Author song in six years and will most definitely make a huge impact on the Hardcore and Metal scene in the months to come. With this new song, the band enters a new era of their history, perfecting their unique combination of catchy hooklines and complex song structures. Never before have AAA sounded so catchy yet radical, never before have they brought together musical accessibility and complexity in a more sophisticated way.